We like to work efficiently and effectively with our clients to manage the full process to ensure the best outcomes for their capital raise. This includes advising on all elements of the preparation stage: strategic review, financial modelling advice, and building a comprehensive investment deck and related documents set. Phase two is the formulation of the target investors list and the engagement with potential investors. Here we are able to bring a wide network with diverse investor types to the table — from angel, HNW, family offices, Venture Capital, Private Equity and strategic investors.

The execution phase involves engaging with prospective inventors in conjunction with management and finding the right investors for this opportunity. Again, careful consideration is paid to the time required by management in the process so as to shield them from unnecessary time away from their business.

The final stage of the process is carefully managing the term sheet submissions, due diligence, final deal negotiation and deal closing — always drawing on past experience to get the best outcome for our clients. As much as is possible, technology is applied to ensure an efficient process for all parties involved.


Understanding the target company attributes, current positioning and global potential is essential to our buy side client mandates. Having a global network and continuously reviewing opportunities in the technology sector is a key differentiator and enables us to advise our clients across various technology verticals and markets.

Once we have identified the client needs, we develop a potential client list with indicative valuation ranges and deal parameters. We actively engage with our clients in the feedback stage to ensure that iterations are adapted moving forward.

For the final stage, we diligently negotiate the investment for our clients and work with their internal teams to finalise the term sheet, due diligence, final deal negotiation and deal closing, including all requirements from a legal perspective. As much as is possible, technology is applied to ensure an efficient process for all parties involved.


Our depth of experience in the technology industry and in the growth stage enables us to provide sound advice on strategic options available to our client. When our clients are faced with a number of strategic choices, we provide an independent, robust and balanced review to Boards and CEOs. For growth stage companies, planning a capital raise well in advance is optimal and gives both the Board and management team time to build this into their strategic and execution plans.

Typically this work is complemented with additional data from sector specific research houses and macro economic advisors and this is blended with our strategic advice, ensuring our clients receive an objective, independent and global perspective. The planning and research part of these assignments are tailor made to our clients needs with flexible timeframes and resourcing elements.